Platelet Rich Plasma – In this breakthrough method of orthopedic treatment a patient’s own blood is removed using standard blood drawing techniques, it is then processed by a medical centrifuge to finely separate the bloods different physical and chemical components. Once the patient’s blood has been separated into the platelets are isolated and removed. This process of spinning the blood at a very high speed further increases the platelet concentration; this is beneficial because platelets contain important cytokines and growth factors that aid in the regeneration of bone and soft tissues. The concentrated platelet solution is then injected into the patient’s body at the area of injury, pain, or discomfort in the hopes of naturally alleviating or resolving the underlying orthopedic or myopathic issue.

Hormone Therapy – As the pressure to remain young and vibrant increases in our youth obsessed culture hormone therapies have become a very popular and in many cases effective method of dealing with certain age related medical conditions. Because hormones regulate almost all of the bodily functions as we age these processes can become less efficient or stop working entirely. Increased ages can illicit responses in the body such as menopause in females and decreased testosterone levels in males. The human body is a delicate ecosystem and in many ways its functions and processes are controlled by the hormones in our bodies, when this delicate balance is disturbed we can see a host of diseases, conditions, or symptoms manifest themselves in the most uncomfortable, painful, and inconvenient ways.

Refractive Surgery – Glasses and prescription contact lenses are quickly becoming technologies of the past. With the leaps and bounds occurring in the realm of refractive surgery, now correcting troublesome sight issues has never been easier or less invasive. With the development of medical grade lasers corrective surgery is now a normal procedure with a recovery time that can be as little as 24 hours. With the help of MCN, a skilled optometrist, and expert surgeon refractive eye surgery’s can help cure or reduce symptoms from common eye and vision disorders including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

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