One of the essential specialties of the Medical Consulting Network is our ability to architect and execute an effective physician marketing plan. We understand the financial stresses that come with maintaining and growing a medical practice and as such have developed and honed the most effective techniques to spread your influence and help you obtain new patients. Even the most decorated and experience doctors can find their practices failing unnecessarily due to improper or ineffective marketing methods.

With each and every physician that uses our services we provide a complimentary press release. Due to the vast array of industries and specialties that we work with we have built successful and profitable reputations with distribution services such as PRWeb. These longstanding relationships allow us to offer each physician, medical professional or business the opportunity to reach out to the public and media in regards to their product, service, or upcoming happenings. By providing this avenue of promotion for our clients we are able to gather considerable impressions from concise and professionally written press releases. On average our press releases gather over 1,000 media outlet reads and 250+ pickups per release. This results in thousands upon thousands of impressions to specifically targeted demographics that all have the possibility to add to your practice as it grows.

While we put a very high value on the effectiveness of our press releases the true “bread and butter” of our services come from our customized pay-per-click web campaigns. With over 95% of internet searches happening on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing MCN has recognized the value of targeting specific key words in the process of helping physicians obtain new patients. By choosing certain key words that are pertinent to your specialty, location, and procedures offered you are able to guarantee impressions in front of an audience that is actively engaged and interested in the words, terms, and topics they are searching for. Pay-per-click campaigns are proven to be extremely effective and will be one of the most valuable tools we at MCN can provide to you and your practice.

In conjunction with the pay-per-click campaigns we run we also specialize in creating search engine optimized physician biographies. By providing each physician or business with its own biography and subsequent landing page we are able to further solidify your online presence by tying each page to a maximum of five relevant key words specific to your business. Our professional in house writers specialize in using the art of language to convey important information such as your; mission statement, office procedures, office policies, professional medical history, and any other important information that you may wish to display to the public.

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