So a potential patient has found you through one of the numerous marketing methods we provide, they have read up about you and your practice and decided that they would like to book an appointment and see you to have a procedure performed. Do not fear, MCN has this taken care of as well!

Part of maintaining an effective online presence is having the ability to have you and your staff accessible to patients at a moment’s notice. We have developed unique functionality that allows patients to request appointments directly with your office staff through a secure and easy to use portal that allows you or your office manager to log in and remotely access any relevant information or tools that you may need when processing new patients. Additionally our front end customer support staff will act as the initial barrier between you and your in house office staff so that new patients will not distract or take your staff away from their daily operating duties. Should a patient wish to be connected to your practice for any reason our highly trained customer service representatives can directly transfer that patient over to your in house staff so that you may proceed with that patient how you wish.

Our easy to navigate calendaring system quickly displays to patients the dates and times your schedule provides and allows you to fill or limit your schedule as needed. To ensure that all patients attend their scheduled appointments we also employ customer service staff whose primary function is to contact and confirm scheduled appointments for all of the physicians, clinics, and practices in our network.

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