Does you or somebody you know use glasses for simple daily tasks such as reading the newspaper? Or driving your car? Do you perhaps forget to bring your contact lens solution with you when you go on vacation? Do you have to make the terrible decision of wearing them for too long or going without them? Thankfully with breakthrough technologies in the realm of refractive surgery your vision can be corrected through a non invasive procedure that in most cases will allow you to return to work or play almost immediately!

Refractive surgery is any type of medical procedure that aims to improve the refractive state of the human eye. One of its primary goals is to help reduce or completely eliminate ones dependency on traditional glasses or contact lenses. The most commonly found method of conducting refractive surgery involves state of the art excimer lasers that reshape the curvature and shape of the human cornea. With the help of MCN, a skilled optometrist, and expert surgeon refractive eye surgery’s can help cure or reduce symptoms from common eye and vision disorders including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

A study conducted by research teams at the Magill Research Center for Vision Correction and the Medical University of South Carolina found that the overall patient satisfaction rate after a primary LASIK surgery was a staggering 95.4%. Additionally they concluded that even differentiating between the two types of LASIK treatment, myopic and hyperopic, resulted in patients reporting extremely high levels of satisfaction with their outcomes (95.3% and 96.3% respectively).

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